How can I order tourist cards online? The link takes me back to the home page.

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How can I order a card online? The links keep taking me back to the home page.

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You can buy the tourist cards through the official sales channels that we currently have available:

• Points of sale at airports, seaports and land ports of the country. 

• Embassies and Consulates of the Dominican Republic abroad.

• Local Travel Agents and Tour Operators certified by the Ministry of Tourism (you can find a list of them on the DGII website:

• Acquiring them in our web portal:Https://


We have checkpoints for Tourist Cards at all Airports, Seaports and Land Ports of the country. In case the tourist acquires the card through a different channel to those mentioned above, at the checkpoint of each location the authenticity of the Card will be determined. In case the card is not valid or has already been used, the tourist must acquire a new card.