Can I get a revised tourist card because I spelled my son's last name incorrectly and did not catch the error before I paid for it.

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Tourist Card No. 9407170815142601166517 is for Kevin Roberts but the LAST NAME on the tourist card is RO. Can this be changed or do I have to purchase a new one since it will not match the last name on his passport.
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Your case must be evaluated by a staff authorized by the Internal Revenue Service, please contact them through the email account:
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In attention to your concern we inform you that, no matter that the name or surname of your child is badly written on the tourist card, this will not bring you inconveniences when entering the Dominican territory. The important thing is that you buy the card and deliver it printed to the staff in charge. Enjoy your stay in our country.
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¿I can do a trip with another name por surname, I mean, with an error in my name?

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